Men’s socks are have become an increasingly important part of an outfit with the popularity of HUF’s Plantlife socks leading the way.

Many iconic streetwear brands achieve major credibility off the back of a successful sock range, and many 5 Pointz customers come back again and again to get their hands on the latest by brands like HUF, The Hundreds and Nike.

They might not be the first things somebody sees, but an awesome pair of men’s socks is guaranteed to grab attention with the right outfit. From classic monochromatic designs to eye-catching explosions of colour, there is a pair of men’s socks in the 5 Pointz online store for every taste, and every streetwear fan.

It’s up to you to explore the whole range and find the socks that are right for you. Highlights of the range include the very latest HUF Plantlife socks in a wide variety of colours. Each pair is adorned with the iconic HUF Plantlife logo and each comes in a range of colours, some which deliberately clash and scream for attention, other designed to look fresh and match just about anything.

The Hundreds Outtie socks range is similar, and feature the instantly recognisable Adam Bomb logo. Once more a number of colours are available, but there is more to the 5 Pointz men’s socks range that just the loud, in your face designs. A range of classic sock designs are available in the Brixton range, and classic sock designs are also available from Nike. The 5 Pointz online store brings together the biggest heritage brands and hottest independent streetwear labels to offer clothing and much more, including a huge collection of brand new designer socks for the new season. Choose a pair of streetwear socks from the 5 Pointz online store today and find accessories that guarantee to keep your look in step.

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