Devá States

Deva States is a new graphics driven brand hailing from Indonesia. They produce, in their own words, “a stimulating visual cornucopia that translates into apparel graphics, colours and texture.”

Deva States is the brainchild of two friends – one South Korean, one Japanese, both with a background in visual graphics. The brand started, as is the case with many, as a D.I.Y project, selling locally and to friends. Soon though their innovative designs caught the attention of some respected stores in men’s fashion. Wisely, Deva States have been particular in the stockists thy work with, keeping access to their products limited and increasing their desirability. Dover Street Market has been their main partner so far, with the brand setting up a special installation in their Singapore store. A select number of other retailers have now been added to the list, and 5 Pointz is happy to be one such store. Deva States have also reinforced their reputation with a succession of high profile collaboration with some of the most innovative and creative minds in the industry. The brands they have joined up with already include Bowery, X-Girl and Common Dust. They have also worked with destination stores in South Korea and Japan such as Estnation and Sculp on capsule collections that have also caught international attention.

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