Dickies started life in 1918 as a manufacturer of work-wear. Because of the hardwearing qualities and clean look of their clothing, the brand has been a favourite of skaters for decades.

From this the brand has ventured into Streetwear and is now a reliable source of incredibly well constructed, simple wardrobe essentials from blank tees to jackets and trousers. Since its beginnings in 1922, every piece of Dickies workwear has stood for the quality, toughness, and pride that embodies the spirit of the American culture.

The company started as an overall company, now it is the number one producer of workwear. By constantly expanding and evolving their range, Williamson-Dickie now offers a huge range which bridges the gap between fashion and workwear. Dickies products are now sold across America and the rest of the world in countries such as Japan, Chile, Russia, Iceland, Canada, Mexico, Australia, the UK and many others. During the last ten years Dickies has become a big player in the expanding streetwear market. This can be explained by its alignment with the rising popularity of extreme sports, street art and underground music.

The clothing worn for decades by industrial workers has now become a definite part of the 'Street' uniform. Due to the fact that they produce workwear, the companies output is aimed solely at the work person, meaning Dickies never considers the world of popular fashion. However the honest, classically styled simplicity of their products has attracted a certain segment of the fashion industry. Looking at fashion labels now it is easy to see how a lot of their output is now workwear orientated, showing that these brands are now emulating the style that Dickies has always based its production around. It is this focus on comfort and functionality that holds Dickies apart from other brands.

The celebrity endorsements that Dickies have enjoyed include many big hip hop names like Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill and The Roots. Dickies is world renowned for its high quality, hard-wearing clothing and 5 Pointz have got a load of gear in stock that definitely lives up to this reputation.

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