Founded in 1983, G-Shock changed the face of watches by providing hi-tech, durable timepieces to counter the delicate styles on the market. Kikuo Ibe, the Head of G-Shock began creating his unbreakable watches after his beloved pocket watch, a gift from his father, broke.

He invented a Triple 10 philosophy; the watches should be able to survive a 10m drop, be resistant to 10 bars of water pressure and and have a 10 year battery life. The first watch model he created that met these standards, the DW-5600, is still being produced today.

G-Shock timepieces quickly became a fashion staple as well as a watch of choice for explorers, with consumers loving the chunky style, incredible strength and exciting tech included. G-Shock today is a brand that is beloved by many subcultures, for their practicality and inherent style.

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