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Jason Markk’s sneaker cleaning products have so successfully filled a gap in the footwear collecting community that it is somewhat surprising that no one had done it before.

The non- toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning fluid and related brushes and wipes are the brainchild of a devoted sneaker collector who was not satisfied with the other cleaning products on the market. If you love your kicks to stay looking fresh you need to try this stuff! Footwear has matured over the years and it’s about time cleaning methods evolved likewise; whether it’s keeping your fresh kicks clean or bringing an old pair of classics back to life.

Introducing the Jason Markk Premium shoe cleaning system; a range of premium goods and accessories tailored for the sneaker market. Showing a passion for sneaker care usually reserved for collecting, the label offers handcrafted wood block brushes, natural cleaning solutions and microfibre towels designed to keep shoes in pristine condition. In an interview with ‘SneakerFiles’ Jason Markk spoke on his universal shoe cleaner: “The generic cleaners have been around forever… ‘Sneaker Freaker’ Magazine recently tested several sneaker-cleaning products and they rated Jason Markk as hands down the best cleaner. I was extremely proud when I saw that.”

The Jason Markk range boasts that it was designed with safety as a top priority and therefore this product does not contain any harsh chemicals or abrasives, is 98.3% natural, and is completely biodegradable. It is safe to use on all materials including leather, suede, nubuck, nylon, canvas, vinyl, rubber, cloth, etc. (Use extreme caution when cleaning dyed suede as it is likely to bleed with any contact with water. When cleaning suede, always test in an inconspicuous area first.)

5 Pointz is one of a handful of exclusive stockists of the full range of products within the UK.

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