Kappa Kontroll

Kappa Kontroll is a premium offshoot of the well-known Italian sportswear brand Kappa. It mixes the sports heritage of it’s parent brand with cutting edge fashion influences. The result is something entirely new that also has strong visual links to the past. Kontroll uses high performance fabrics and construction techniques to give the style and comfort of sports apparel with the exciting and imaginative cuts of a high-end brand.

Kappa was founded in Turin, Northern Italy in 1967 as new venture from already established apparel brand Maglificio Calzificio Torinese (MCT). At the beginning of the 1950’s, MCT had been suffering from losses in sales due to manufacturing issues and needed a kick start. By 1957 the logical and quality control issues were fixed and sales once again began to rise. This new range was marked with a ‘K’ label standing for the German word for control, ‘Kontrollen’. At this stage the company’s products were solely aimed at the casual lifestyle market. This changed in 1967 when executive Marco Boglione returned to the company after an absence. He was convinced that there was potential in launching a sportswear brand, and Kappa was born. Its name is the phonetic spelling of greek pronunciation of the letter ‘K’.

Kappa’s now infamous ‘Omini’ logo of man and woman sitting with their backs to each other came slightly later in 1969. On a photo shoot for a range of bathing suits the photographer took a shot of the models in the pose, silhouetted against the sun. This struck the creative team as a strong image, representing health, fitness and sexual equality, and therefore an ideal logo for an unisex sportswear brand. This logo is most recognised as being repeated on applique stripes running down the sleeves and legs of most Kappa products.

The streamlined, stylish designs of their products has always remained true to the brand’s Northern Italian roots. Now Kappa Kontroll, referring back to the original branding of the company, takes this style and emphasises it. Producing clothing of a more premium standard, and taking influence from the hugely influential Milanese brands, it gives new meaning to the Omini logo and a new unusual option for the high-end lifestyle consumer.

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