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Nike ACG – or All Conditions Gear – to use its full term, is as the name suggests, Nike’s branch of apparel and footwear designed to tackle the elements. First launched in 1989 as a continuation of the first ‘Nike Hiking’ range, ACG set out to provide protection against the elements for the outdoor-goers of that era.

The Nike ACG range took elements from a wide variety of outdoor pursuits; rock climbing, kayaking, mountaineering, snowboarding and so on - and used their extensive knowledge of athletic footwear to apply it to their new hardy outdoor styles. The range soon expanded beyond footwear and into apparel, equally as technical and bright coloured, designed to take on the elements. Nowadays, Nike ACG has acquired a cult like following, with their all terrain styles being re-appropriated for the everyday man in the street. All weather styles, with all season functionality.

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