Penfield is a world renowned outerwear company, who are best known for their down insulated stylish jackets which have a vintage American appeal.

5 Pointz is proud to be a stockist of Penfield jackets, apparel and accessories. The brand is well known for it's premium outerwear and is expanding it's selection of products all the time.

History - Penfield was established in Hudson, Massachusetts, USA in 1975 by Harvey Gross. Gross was a major figure in the outerwear industry, having made his reputation throughout the 1960's as a pioneer. His main innovation was to see the strengths of down insulated outerwear and he championed it's ability to provide durable warmth and protection. As these jackets required a special manufacturing process, with only a handful of factories worldwide being able to do this, he decided to open his own production facility in an old textile mill in Hudson.

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