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Puma is one sportswear brand that has, through its iconic silhouettes, helped to create Streetwear culture.

Puma Suedes and Clydes have been the b-boy’s sneaker of choice since the birth of Hip Hop culture in the late 1970’s. Here at 5 Pointz we stock a wide selection of Puma footwear, including their top tier limited edition products like the recent Han Kjobenhavn collab pack and the brilliant RS-X re-release.

Puma is a sports and lifestyle brand immortalised within urban culture by the Puma Clyde suede basketball shoe. The iconic footwear range was made famous by the endorsement of NBA basketball legend Walt Frazier (nicknamed Clyde). The sports and streetwear fashion label Puma was founded in Germany by Rudolf Dassler following the breakdown in his relationship with brother and business partner Adolf. Rudolf Dassler founded Puma, brother Adi Dassler founded rivals Adidas.

The long running fued between the companies is the stuff of fashion industry legend, and each has been adopted by urban and street culture, and now are iconic representations of various subcultures and lifestyles. Puma shoes in particular have become a recognisable part of the old school hip hop and skate punk subcultures. Like all great streetwear, they bridge the gap between these two greatly different urban subsets.

The release of each new season’s Puma shoes is one of the highlights of the street fashion calendar with creative new colour schemes and signature special editions released alongside the staple designs. Now, to the long list of sporting icons who have worn the Puma brand, can be added the planet’s fastest man, and the fastest man of all time, Mr Usain Bolt.

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