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In Bolton, Lancashire, back in the 1890s, a small footwear company was founded called JW Foster and Sons. The company wasn't incredibly well known, but they were good enough to grace the feet of 1924's Olympians. It was in 1958, however, that Reebok was set up by Foster's grandsons, who wanted to take the qualities of the gazelle they named the brand after and use those as the basis for their footwear. Style, speed, grace - those were the pillars of the brand.

Fairly popular in England, but unknown to pretty much everyone else, their big break came in 1979. Paul Fireman was at the Chicago International Sneaker Trade Show, and stumbled across Reebok in his search as buyer for a distributor. Seeing something special in the brand and impressed by the construction and detailing in their shoes, he negotiated the US license, allowing Reebok USA to be born. $1.5 million in sales just two years later - and just from selling simple runners - Reebok had cemented their reputation and proven Fireman right. In 1982, Reebok did something that no one had actually done before - released the first athletic shoe for women.

The Freestyle is now well known as a retro aerobics shoe, but at the time it was a ground breaking move; and one that paid off, giving them the majority marker share throughout much of the 80s. At the very end of the 80s, Reebok created a shoe that would go down in basketball history - The Reebok Pump. This sneaker, despite being almost twice the price of other kicks on the basketball market at the time, was a massive success. Created to go up against Nike Air, the shoe allowed the wearer to inflate the upper, creating a supportive and comfortable fit for the court. Boston Celtic player Dee Brown famously wore a pair in the 91 Slam Dunk contest; before his last shot, he inflated his Pumps, dunked the winner, and in front of the screaming crowd, deflated the kicks. This little performance meant that every kid aspiring to be a professional player felt like the Pump was that little edge. However, after 4 years and 20 million pairs, the Pump started to fade, and Reebok needed a new Number 1.

The mid-90s saw Reebok looking for a way to build the brand back up out of a slump, and they looked at celebrity partenrships. Allen Iverson's The Answer shoe in 96 did this, and Rebook signed him to a lifelong endorsement in 2001, meaning he'll rep Reebok until his NBA career is done. 2005 saw Adidas acquire Reebok, which in turn has led to increased opportunities outside the basketball world for Reebok. They now have a respected niche in the collab scene, with heritage models being given a modern touch through partnerships with cool labels such as Publish, Mighty Healthy and Extra Butter, and musician Kendrick Lamarr. It's not all understated cool though; 2010 saw a Reebok pack dedicated to the infamous 60s street and modern artist, Jean Michel Basquiat; a truly interesting pack that saw Basquiat's work used in a way the man himself might have done. And 2015 saw a Ted x Reebok Fury pack, a wildly furry collab that divided opinion. Both their men's and women's sneakers appeal to a wide audience, and here really is something for everyone in the Reebok product line.

Reebok have honed the art of updating and tweaking classic lines, creating new, hyper modern styles, and giving sneakerheads what they want - ingenuity, quality and history.

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