Saucony was founded in 1898 in Kutztown, Pennsylvania by four friends. The name comes from the Lenape Native American word "saconk"

Saucony began life as a children's footwear manufacturer in Pennsylvania way back in 1898, its four founders naming the brand after a local creek. The logo itself represents the flow of the Saucony creek and the boulders on its bed. Business grew fast, with an output of 800 pairs a day by 1910.

They soon expanded to making shoes for the entire family, and tapped into the growing love of running in the athletic world by providing the first specialised running shoe in the world, the 7446 Spike. Saucony moved its base to Boston in 1968, continuing to pioneer in athletic footwear. Frank Shorter taking gold for America in 1972 only helped increase the popularity of running in the States, and by 1977 Saucony had worn consumer awards for the quality of their footwear.

Suddenly, it wasn't only serious runners who knew about Saucony, and their entrance into fashion could be said to have begun. The 80s saw massive growth for Saucony - models like the Jazz and the Shadow were created, and are still loved today. It wasn't just style that made these models so enduring, but the technology worked on by Saucony to create the best sneakers for serious runners. Their VIP (Vertical Ionic Pillars) system, developed for the Shadow 6000, offered greater stability and comfort around the heel. The DXN was a signature shoe for legendary 1983 NY Marathon winner Ron Dixon; he visited the factory daily, and dedicated himself to getting the shoe exactly right. Today, Saucony are seen as both a serious performance brand, and a bona fide fashion brand - a tricky position to acquire.

Their sneakers are loved by athletes and sneakerheads alike, but it's their status in the sneaker world that we particularly love. Saucony Originals see them revisit their old silhouettes for a modern audience, and there's been plenty of collaborators lining up to work with them - Bodega, Play Cloths, BAIT, Foot Patrol, Sneaker Politics, to name a few. And even more impressively, Saucony's solo special releases stand out just as strongly; 2015's Dirty Snow sold out in minutes on our site. It's also worth taking note of their product photography, which is always imaginative and that little bit different. Amazing quality, well-thought out packs and a true love of the shoes; if you don't have a pair yet, what are you waiting for?

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