Stanton Street Sports

Stanton Street Sports is an ‘in-house’ brand created by the good people who brought us Only NY. Taking influence from 1990’s sportswear, it gets its name from the location of Only NY’s flagship store in the East Village in Manhattan. The brand produces limited runs of traditional street fashion including tees, hoodies and jackets, featuring clean, sports inspired graphics.

New York Lifestyle

As with Only NY, the parent brand of Stanton Street Sports, the aesthetic of the brand fits perfectly with the New York lifestyle of its founder, focussed on skating, and the unique, satisfying style of the Big Apple. The designs always have a relaxed quality about them, but are always strong and eye-catching in their simplicity. The bold, clean typefaces used by the brand also reflect the signs and other street graphics that are scattered across the city.

Street and Sports

Since the earliest days of Hip Hop culture in New York the relationship between functional sportswear and street fashion has always been fruitful. A shoe designed as a durable basketball option, such as the Adidas Superstar, can become a must have for those who want to look good, hanging out with their friends beside the court. There are countless examples like this, and Stanton Street Sports shows that this flow of influence from sports to street is still alive and well. By reinventing classic varsity styles and streamlined graphics that relate to speed and skill, the brand gives them new life. 

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